samedi 21 avril 2012

PODCAST Danger of Alcohol

I choose this video because this subject is realy important for me. First of all, this video is presented by Matt Damon. In this video he talks about the story of four young people. Everyone of those young people have something in common...they all have been victims of accidents because of alcohol.
  The first person is a youg man, Robert. Alcohol affected is life . He was at a party, and he though that he could be drinking some beers. He though that he was ok, and that he knew his he drunk few of them and took his car to come back home. But on his way back home, he had an accident. He loose his right leg. The second person is explainig to us that you have to respect yourself, and that it is not an obligation to drink because everybody does it ! The third person is Megan, she became used to drink, little by little she NEEDED to drink, and she did not knew why. She had been drunk at a party and had a problem with a guy that she did not know . Ilton, the last young person explains that drinking alcohol can make you regretting something all your life long .
  I choose this video because last year I had a big moto crash. A car with a drunk driver came from the right and did not respect the stop.She hurted us. My friend could have been killed, and I have been loosing one of my year on a wheelchair, learning how to walk again.
I have to admit that before this accident, I did not realize how much alcohol could be dangerous, but now I know. Young person, like to go out, and have a good time with friends, but most of the time, we forget that life can change so quickly.

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